Poem By, Astrid, 15-years-old

This is Scared

She is scared to smile

She is scared to be herself, she is scared to look into your eyes and you see the fear from her face.

She wants to be happy.

This girl is worried,
This girl is worried that when she goes on the internet and walk down the hall getting called an H.O.E.

This human is ugly, he is short, she is a believer.
They were left with no if, and, or but.

Her past is filled with monsters & possession.
Her future is but into determination.

It hurts when one day everything changes, your family, your friends your life, one day you will never be remembered, your that lost soul, you’re nothing but that name that was once heard, forgetting how everything is, life is pretty long but a short term is taken out,
i don’t know how you can smile knowing one day you will not walk on this earth,
I’m guessing…yolo is the reason you stand.

You’re wondering why I say these things, You look right to see all theses feelings that you don’t know, I’m not trying to be real or be one hundred,
I’m saying, you have so many years to come, why give up on this very moment, this is what I don’t understand with theses ratchets teens.

Tell me one thing you can say you did not do right.

I have noticed that everything is falling apart, this might not make sense. But all I am telling you is that when you leave this earth, the last place is where you should stand is in success, nothing but success.

I just want to say that I am done!


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