Bird Streeters


Djamilson, 15-years-old

My name is Djamilson. I am 14 years old. I am a 8th grade student at a middle school in Boston. I’m from Cape Verde and I enjoy playing basketball, listening to music by Chief Keef, I like to rap, and I also like to watch sports center. I am a very social person who likes to mingle, meet new people & talk to girls. I like to collect sneakers and buy a lot of fresh clothes. I also like to ride motorcycles and drive cars. I travel a lot with my aunt.

My goal in life is to be successful and graduate from college to be a police officer or FBI agent.

There are a lot of shootings and people getting stabbed in my community. There is a lot of trapping (drug dealing) by teenagers. There are people who are robbing each other for kicks and clothes that are expensive. I don’t understand why people have to rob other people then turn to Facebook to make comments like “I’m fresh” but really it is probably just stolen clothes or clothes bought by drug money.

My goal is to make a change in the community by making everyone think about what the hood is really like. I also want to let people know what I am trying to do and see how other people see the community.

Astrid, 15-years-old

My name is Astrid. I am a fourteen-year-old, in eighth grade and I live in Roxbury, MA. I like to write poetry, run track and field, listen to music, I like chemistry and learning about chromosomes. I hope to get into my dream college of Princeton University and major as a Crime Laboratory Analyst, I am willing to work for my full potential.

My community consists of constant shootings. An example, is the shooting that happened up the street from me. There are many shootings that happen in Roxbury. The two people who were shot had a lot of people sad. This was more of an outlook for people in my community to continue with what they are do instead of doing something better. People do not understand the truth about what’s happening.

Getting beaten is a cause of violence, why can’t we speak instead of using our fists and our bodies?

One day, two people got into an argument. The woman tried walking away and the man decided to grab her by her arms. He threw her into the wall. The person who was to see all this happen was very young but can still remember this. What if they talked instead of using other weapons? When the man let her go, she ran into the kitchen. The man grabbed her neck and turned on the stove. He placed her face onto the stove. To this day, these two people are together and don’t know what is coming for them.

Violence is really big in this generation. People think that the hood will survive them and they really don’t understand that if you keep your mouth shut unless it’s for the right reasons, we would not be placed as the top state for crimes.

Randy, 16-years-old

(more info to come)



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